More Than 200 People are Sick From a Parasite Discovered in Del Monte Vegetables


Hundreds of consumers who purchased Del Monte Fresh Produce pre-packaged vegetable trays have been infected by a microscopic parasite known as Cyclospora cayetanensis.

The outbreak of the parasitic intestinal infection has caused seven people to be hospitalized, though no deaths have occurred, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So far, 212 cases of the infection have been confirmed in multiple states.

Del Monte has recalled 6 oz., 12 oz., and 28 oz. vegetable trays containing fresh broccoli, cauliflower, celery sticks, carrots and dill dip with a “Best If Enjoyed By” date of June 17, 2018. The recalled products were sold in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, but so far only consumers in four states — Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin — have reported coming down with the cyclosporiasis infection.