'MAKE IT REAL' Natalie Dormer believes sex on television should be dirty — just like life


SHE’S the new queen of glossy costume drama – but  Natalie Dormer is anything but buttoned up.

With roles in sex-mad shows including The Tudors and Game Of Thrones, the actress is no stranger to stripping off in front of the camera.

So the high collars, dowdy outfits and uptight hairdos and attitudes of her latest role come as a bit of a shock to the sultry 36-year-old.

She plays a severe headmistress in new six-part BBC2  period epic Picnic At Hanging Rock — whose first  episode on Wednesday  won a million viewers despite being up against  England’s World Cup semi-final.

It is based on the Australian novel by Joan Lindsay about the disappearance of schoolgirls and a teacher on a Valentine’s Day picnic at a rock formation near Melbourne in 1900.