'Mini-marketing juggernauts': Hollywood treads lightly to appease fickle super fans


Every studio would love to create movies with built-in fan bases. It means less risk and more reward. Witness Hollywood’s obsession with reboots, remakes and superhero franchises. Still, appeasing only modern fans can be as dicey as casting the next Batman feature.

Choose the “wrong” actor or fudge a critical part of a beloved property, and suddenly Fan Nation is nipping at your heels. Bad buzz is real, and it can ding a project at the speed of a tweet.

Today’s fans are “mini-marketing juggernauts” that can impact massive franchises, said Marcus Peterzell, an entertainment marketing veteran and executive vice president of Ketchum’s entertainment and music team. That dates back to fan loyalty for the original “Star Trek” series, which never faded despite the show’s three-season run on broadcast television in the late 1960s.