Inside the hell house of Jayme Closs’s alleged kidnapper


GORDON, Wisc. — “Welcome’’ to hell.

Exclusive Post photos offer a chilling look inside the ramshackle Wisconsin cabin where accused kidnapper Jake Patterson allegedly held 13-year-old Jayme Closs prisoner for 88 days after killing her parents.

Visitors are greeted by a battered sign above the home’s front door that reads “Patterson’s Retreat” and another that says “Welcome.” But the grounds, which are littered with junk cars, rusty bikes and garbage — and the cabin’s tattered innards — are anything but inviting.

First, a tangle of extension cords crisscrosses the lawn outside, powering a still-lit string of Christmas lights hanging off a stand-alone garage, and the grounds are dotted with great piles of firewood to feed the house’s old wood-burning stove.

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