San Diego congregation tackles woman who burst onto church stage with baby, gun... Screaming about rapture, going to hell, blowing up church...

FOX 5 Reports:

Parishioners and police tackled a woman who entered a Clairemont church service carrying a baby and a handgun on Easter Sunday.

Police first received calls about an armed woman at a church service hosted at Mt. Everest Academy, near the intersection of Balboa and Genessee avenues, around noon. Witnesses said the woman came up on stage through a back entrance, holding a gun in one hand and a young boy in the other.

Churchgoers said the woman was shouting incomprehensibly, making comments about "martyrs," "the rapture" and blowing up the church. Members of the congregation eventually tackled the woman, police said, and officers arrived a short time later to take the woman into custody. Police identified her as 31-year-old Anna Conkey.

Officers were seen walking out of the church with the 10-month-old boy in their arms. Police Lt. Christian Sharp said the woman's second child, a 5-year-old girl, was found at a daycare center in Bonita. Both kids will be taken into protective custody and evaluated by Child Welfare Services, police said.

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